Friday, December 08, 2006

So, in case anyone who heard about my unicorn painting was wondering, here's a picture of me presenting the winning painting to my team at work. The unofficial title was "Unicorn Dancing over Hearts towards Candy Mountain, with Hot Air Balloon Above."

All that, and this has still been an incredibly odd and stressful week.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Things that occur when I step away from my blog for a few minutes:

1. The absolutely-insane-astronaut/deep-sea diver-on-the-ceiling-I-Love-Lucy-grape-stomping-croquet-playing
Google Holiday party
2. I decided to make hot toddies, and recipes vary. I thought that they involved only whiskey, hot lemonade, cloves, honey, and cinnamon, but I have been proved wrong in this regard. Some people even think that they involve tea. What's with that?
3. Carter Adams came to visit, and then a few days later the bus containing himself and the bands he was managing a tour for flipped both its shit and its physical being, burst into flames, and effectively cancelled the tour. Thank god, no one was too seriously injured, but still, seriously? I hope the band members don't blame poor Carter, whom they blamed for everything else. He wasn't driving, guys!
Read about it here at Pitchfork:
(look for the headline 'Mr. Lif, The Coup Survive Bus Accident')

By the way, that image up top was originally intended just to illustrate the Google party, but it's actually done by an artist (Michael A. De Feo) who does some pretty cool tagging in NY (thank you Google Image Search). Check it out here: